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Hollow Cup Motor

  • Coreless DC Electric Motor
    Coreless DC Electric Motor
    Coreless DC Electric Motor is a special form of DC motor. These motors are used in applications where small motors and fast acceleration are required. It is a coreless motor, so this type of motor has a rotor without any core. It can be cylindrical or disc...
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  • Coreless DC Motor
    Coreless DC Motor
    Coreless DC Motor has high efficiency, high acceleration and deceleration rate and good controllability. It has a compact design, stable operation, low electrical noise, and long battery life. In addition, it is lighter than a cored DC motor. It can...
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  • High-speed Hollow Cup Motor
    High-speed Hollow Cup Motor
    There is no iron core in the rotor of this High-speed Hollow Cup Motor. Instead, it rotates around the outside of the cylindrical magnet with a copper wire wound in a basket structure (coil). Its lighter basket rotor makes the moment of inertia smaller,...
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