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- Feb 13, 2018 -

  Xi'an Aeromotor co.,ltd is a privately owned enterprise specialized in research and development, manufacturing and sales of small and medium sized motors. Product design fully draw on the relevant experience of Europe and the United States and its core technology, with its small size, the advantages of large power density is widely used in aerospace radar, turrets, portable antennas, weapons systems and other key parts, can adapt to a variety of harsh Working environment; but also its small size, smooth operation makes the precision medical devices and other mechatronic motion control products widely used. Companies with strong development capabilities, well-trained staff, improve its services, strict internal management and endless innovation to meet market challenges, to provide users with first-class products, adhering to the "quality of customers to create the greatest value" Philosophy and dedication to provide users with the satisfaction of technical support and after-sales service.

   2017.01 moved to a high-tech factory. with larger space and more clear manufacturing place.

Welcome to visit our factory~

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