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Electric DC Motor

Electric DC Motor

1.Rated Speed(rpm):500rpm~15000rpm for option
2.Protection degree IP:65/68
3.Working temperature℃:-40/-60~+70

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Electric DC motor

Electric DC Motor is one of the well-known motor types. DC motor is a motor that converts DC power into mechanical energy. Because of its good speed regulation performance, it is widely used in power drag. DC motor can be sorted to permanent magnet motor, excited DC motor and self-excited DC Motor. The dc motor works based on the principle that the current carrying conductor is placed in the magnetic field and a mechanical force is gained by it. It is the ideal choice for low power applications. Besides, it is also applied in and those in the automotive and agriculture industries as these needing high starting torqueand. 

HTY provide permanent magnet brush DC motors with diameter between 45~130mm. HTY keep researching new technologies for making the motors with longer life and lower noise. DC Motors can be customized for application-specific requirements including the integration of Planetary reducer, encoders, brake,driver. 

It has 3 main advantages. firstly, it works well with gearboxes. secondly, it operates on DC power without a control. But if you want to regulate speed, a control can be used and it is cheaper whcn compared to other control mode. Thirdly, most DC motors are a great option for a price-conscious application as it is inexpensive.

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electic dc motor2.pngNote: low temperature to meet GJB150.4A-2009, high temperature to meet GJB150.3A-2009.Working humidity: meet GJB150.9A-2009.

In addition, electromagnetic compatibility can be achieved in line with GJB 151B-2013, vibration: to meet the GJB150.16A-2009 impact: to meet the GJB150.18A-2009 details.


Wooden box with polyfoam 

Application of DC brush motor:

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