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DC Electric Motor

DC Electric Motor

1.The DC motor HTY offered can meet the standard of Chinese military grade
2.Customized DC motor will be highly welcome

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Product features:

1. DC Electric Motor's particles from brushes and commutators help to provide a protective film, but too many particles, whether from the environment or from the components themselves, can interfere with brush contact or cause harmful effects on brushes and commutators. abrasion. Regular cleaning of the brushes and commutators helps to avoid this.

2. DC Electric Motor does not have the DC power or battery required for operation. It is a high quality brushed DC motor with components including armature, commutator, brush, shaft and magnetic field magnet. The brush reverses the polarity and the permanent magnet to rotate the armature. It can easily reverse the clockwise and/or counterclockwise direction of rotation by reversing the polarity of the brush, ie, reversing the leads on the battery.

3. DC Electric Motor also provides simple two-wire control and requires fairly simple control or no control at all in fixed speed designs. Its brushes are replaceable, so the life of the motor is also extended. And because they require only a few external components or no external components at all, brushed motors can reliably handle harsh environments.


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