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This DC Brush Motor consists of brushes, contacts, commutators, windings, shafts, magnets, bushings and cans. The brush supplies power from the contacts to the armature through the commutator. The contacts supply power from the controller to the brush. The commutator supplies power to the appropriate windings as the armature rotates. The winding converts electrical power into a magnetic field of the drive shaft. The shaft transfers the mechanical power of the motor to the user application. The magnet provides a magnetic field to the winding for attraction and repulsion. The bushing minimizes the friction of the shaft. Cans provide mechanical housing for the motor.
When Brush Motor's winding is energized, it attracts a magnet located around the motor. This causes the motor to rotate until the brush contacts a new set of commutator contacts. This new contact powers a new set of windings and starts the process again. To reverse the direction of the motor, simply reverse the polarity of the motor contacts. The spark in the brush motor is generated by the brush jumping to the next contact. Each wire of the coil is connected to the two closest commutator contacts. HTY MOTOR - Professional DC brush motor manufacturers and suppliers in China, providing bulk products for sale. Welcome to buy or wholesale the best DC brush motor in stock here. For price consultation, contact our factory.
  • Electric DC Motor
    Electric DC Motor
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  • Low Temperature Motor
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    Low Temperature Motor is mechanically commutated by using a commutator and a brush, and the commutator and brush are connected to the armature of the motor. The brush is connected to a power source and the commutator consists of various parts connected to...
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  • DC Electric Motor
    DC Electric Motor
    1.The DC motor HTY offered can meet the standard of Chinese military grade
    2.Customized DC motor will be highly welcome
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  • DC Electric Brush Motor
    DC Electric Brush Motor
    This DC Electric Brush Motor requires only a few external components or no external components at all, so brushed motors can reliably handle harsh environments. It is widely used in household appliances, toys and automobiles. Easy to construct and control,...
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  • Coreless DC Brush Motor
    Coreless DC Brush Motor
    This Coreless DC Brush Motor always uses an odd number of windings to prevent the motor from locking in a stable state. More windings help eliminate "cogging" and provide smooth control at low speeds per minute (RPM). It is easy to control, has excellent...
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  • Brushed DC Electric Motor
    Brushed DC Electric Motor
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  • High-power DC Brush Motor
    High-power DC Brush Motor
    This High-power DC Brush Motor generates a magnetic field by passing a current through a commutator and a brush inside the rotor. Therefore, it is called a brush motor. The brush is made of carbon. It can be a single excitation or self-excited motor. The...
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  • Military DC Motor
    Military DC Motor
    When the brush of this Military DC Motor is rotated through the rotor, “commutation” will occur mechanically. Mechanical commutation is simple, but slowly wears the copper commutator and graphite brush, creating an arc during operation and emitting...
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  • High-voltage DC Motor
    High-voltage DC Motor
    This High-voltage DC Motor uses a winding coil configuration, and the armature is used as a bipolar electromagnet. Through the commutator (mechanical rotary switch), the directionality of the current is reversed twice per cycle. This facilitates current...
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  • Explosion-proof DC Motor
    Explosion-proof DC Motor
    The commutator of this Explosion-proof DC Motor is a cylinder, wrapped with a plurality of metal contact segments, connected to the armature of the rotating electrical machine. Its brush or soft carbon based electrical contacts contact the commutator. The...
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