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About Us

Xi'an Aviatic Special Research Motor Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R & D, production and sales of micro motors and controllers. The company has rich experience in R & D and production of electric motors and has many experienced  technical staff and senior technicians, bachelor degree or above accounted for more than 55% of the total number of companies.

HTY DC motor building.png

Our factory located in the ancient city ,Xi'an,which was the capital of 13 historical dynasties.And the factory has more than 20 pcs advanced auto machine which can modify, test,inspect the finished DC motor.

manual debugging for custom motor.jpg

manual debugging for custom motor.jpg

DC motors offered as below :

Micro DC permanent magnet brush motor

Rare earth permanent magnet DC brushless motor

Hollow cup motor

Intermediate frequency three-phase AC motor 

Motor controller. 

These all different DC motors are widely used in aviation, aerospace, weapons and other fields due to their small size and high power density. They can adapt to various harsh working conditions, and the products can meet military requirements.